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Entry #1!

2007-12-23 11:26:32 by DorKauf89

Visit our website now to play great games!


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2008-01-10 15:45:32

It doesn't show up for me.

(Updated ) DorKauf89 responds:

Should work now... The site was under constructtions.


2008-01-16 15:55:34

The site shows up for me, but the little rotating button things don't do anything when I click them. I'm hoping that is just a temporary thing while the rest of the sit is under construction. Well, the more I think about it the more it makes sense. You wouldn't want someone stumbling upon an unfinished page, now would you!

(Updated ) DorKauf89 responds:

I'm sorry... If you go to the website now you will see a page that says under constructions... our new website will be great... i'm close to finishing.


2008-03-16 23:02:58

nice website! I wonder how I could make on like that.


2008-03-20 01:35:28

Stop spamming your pong games. just make a proper finished copy instead of flooding newgrounds with 8mb games. Don't you know how to optimize your flashes? 8mbs? sigh


2008-10-26 14:35:32

your games are all awesome except the keyboard one tho
but it wasn't bad i understood the game would be about keyboards
not any extreme game or anything and i understood that because
people think things are good or bad just by the title but
they are wrong i think eveery flash should be thought of
from every side before reveiwed on oppinions don't count
i didn't like it but i didn't hate it
the pong one is good tho